If The Jeans Fit!

IMG_2001[1]I bought this amazing pair of jeans about a month ago and I couldn’t get them over my hips…huge disappointment, cause they are amazing and I love them.  So I was feeling kinda blue about it cause I was going to wear them to go out with my husband.  So I did what any girl would do, I cried to my big sister and ate some pudding (my total weakness).  She of course was amazing and gave me a pair of jeans that were some of her favorites.  So I cheered up and threw the pudding out, and got back on my routine.  I did so good that I thought I would weigh after the second week.  The #@!$##! thing said I had gained FIVE pounds!!! I nearly died!   No way I gained five pounds. So I cried, and was about to give up.  I skipped the extra popcorn.  I stayed away from the pudding, which is totally not good for losing weight, and made myself a fresh fruit and unsweetened Almond milk smoothie.  I ate Avocado Sunrise for breakfast.  If I had to have a salty snack I had a handful of my favorite student food ( mixed nuts and raisins) from Jeans HealthWay.  If I had to have chocolate I had it in student food with raisins and cranberries.  Today I woke up and my husband said “I read on Facebook today that for Purim the Jews eat chocolate.”  So I was going to eat pudding.  I decided to go make my favorite cook and serve chocolate pudding, because I was sure I hadn’t lost any weight.  Depressed I headed for the stove and my husband said “The scales were wrong, you have lost weight, I just know it!”  He knew I was committing weight loss suicide. So I made a deal with myself, that if the jeans fit, I would not eat the pudding,  instead I would exercise.  So being the good husband Jason is, he agreed to stir the pudding while I went to try them on.  I put my first leg in and to my surprise it went in easily!  Ok, so I put the other leg in and pulled them all the way up and past my hips!!!!  I was so excited…eat that stupid scales!  There is nothing more motivating for me that a really nice pair of jeans one size too small.  I will fit in them!  I have new determination.  I started this Crazy Curvy Journey at a size 28 during springtime two years ago.  I will start this spring respectively in an 18.  By winter I hope to be in a 14.  My goal of getting back in my wedding dress is coming into view.  Soon I will be half the woman I was.  I have lost 12 inches off my waist.  I wish I had measured everywhere else.

104_2436 DSCN2348IMG_2015[1]

This is not about seeing how thin I can get though.  I want to keep up with my family when we go hiking.  I want to go do things with them I couldn’t do before.  I want to be healthy.  I want it for me.  I have went from bed ridden and depressed with no hope to being excited about my life.  I know God helped me.  My husband Jason studied and helped me too.  We did it together.  You can do it too.  Come with us on this Crazy Curvy Journey.  We can do it.

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