Eating Healthy Is Too Expensive? Hmmm…

I recently read a blog post by Fat Hefflehump I think,and there was no place to comment…the subject matter of the post was that healthy food is too expensive for poor people to buy…that people who buy a meat lovers pizza with calorie count fully posted buy it because it’s cheep and will fill their families bellies…I understand because I used to be one of those people. But she also said those people are educated about what they are eating and have basically no choice…I beg to differ…see I thought the same way…and my family suffererd for it. We were sick all the time! So I educated myself.  I learnt that food with more nutritional value will leave you feeling more satisfied with what you eat because that is what your body is after when it says “feed me”! I can buy healthy groceries for less money than we spent on junk…

I buy local and Walmart food.  If you cook and don’t buy processed food it is just as cost effective.  I watch ad matching from an app on my phone and get fresh avocados for $0.29 , and milk for $3.68.  I buy and eat food as close to how it was created as I can afford to buy it.   Look at my before and after picture…it wasn’t that hard.  We made slow changes, replacing items in our fridge and pantry as they ran out, so no wasting.  We have learnt to choose what food battles to fight instead of giving in to defeat on all of them, and we have overcome one battle at a time.  There are more to fight, but we choose when and how. Like our ketchup…we chose to keep ketchup, but to buy the no high-fructose corn syrup kind.

My kids still like a pizza from time to  and we get it for them.  I make a frozen fruit smoothie instead of ice cream…our kids eat ice cream but we don’t drink pop….they don’t want to because they know what is in it and how they feel if they have one.  If they wanted one we would let them have it…and moderation is something they taught theirselves. We learnt to listen to our body and how food makes us feel.  There are around 100,000,000 nerve cells in our guts…about the same as our spinal cord.  What we eat effects not only our physical health but also our mental health.  Our guts are the chemical engeneirs of our bodies.  These naturally occurring opiates have effects similar to Xanax and Valium.  The gut produces more serotonin than any other part of the body.  So the “gut feeling” is more important for how we are really feeling than we thought!  We have been to the doctor maybe 1-2 times in two years! It used to be all the time one of us was sick…especially me😕.  So we are healthier, the food tastes better, we get positive return for our dollar,and I lost a third of my size without much effort. Just adjusted our eating habits a little at a time…no diet…only life change.  And if people can’t afford to buy it they are not willing to try the experiment. Replace one item at a time for a healthier one. Beans are cheep…soup is cheep…rice is cheep.  You don’t buy it seasoned in a box.  You buy it is basic form.   If you plan ahead it doesn’t take that much time.  Use freezer bags to store excess for quick easy meals.  So I am living proof it can be done.  and the whole family is closer and healthier for it😊❤️

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