Time passes too quickly!

  I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted last…it’s been a crazy ride! In the midst of kids, work, business, and life I got side tracked…but I’m on track and still on this crazy curvy journey! I’m walking and mowing the lawn with the push mower…which if u saw my lawn you would be like “you go girl” lol:) I created a new recipe…zucchini and lamb casserole…it’s amazing! 

Just because you get side tracked it doesn’t mean you are not still headed in the right direction…the express lane is nice but you miss a lot of beautiful scenery­čśŐ don’t beat yourself up about it! It’s like weekends…we work all week and rest on the weekend so we are fresh and ready to do it again. So if you have a mess up or a set back don’t give up…go to work and give it all you’ve got…and enjoy your rest! See you down the road on this Crazy Curvy Journey!

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