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The “Udder” Fat

Not all fats are the enemy.  It is my daily choice of fats and oils that I leaned my focus towards.  So, I tried the experiment, (after reading a lot)and it works!  We started out by replacing any foods in our home that contained hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated fats.  We didn’t throw them away, because […]


The “Udder” Fat

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Not all fats are the enemy.  It is my daily choice of fats and oils that I leaned my focus towards.  So, I tried the experiment, (after reading a lot)and it works!  We started out by replacing any foods in our home that contained hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated fats.  We didn’t throw them away, because we are a money conscious  family.  Instead we replaced them as we used them up.  Why did we do it?  Before I can answer that question I need you to understand a few things, like what are these big words she is talking about…at least that’s what I thought…and why are they bad?

Polyunsaturated fats can cause many health problems because they tend to become rancid when exposed to heat, oxygen or moisture.  So that made me wonder if they are rotten when you start cooking with them?  From what I have studied in various online articles and books, the answer is yes!  And when they become rancid, they also become “free radicals”.  As we all know “free radicals” attack cells and cause mutations in them!  Wrinkles, cancer, cysts….from minor mutations to deadly ones.  So I decided these had to go.  Our bodies however need saturated fats.  These fats occur in nature.  A few examples would be tropical oils and animal fats.  Our bodies convert carbs into saturated fats.  I know what you are thinking, I just wont eat carbs!  Wrong…I eat carbs(but that’s another post:) !  Saturated fats in our bodies play very important roles in improving out immune system function.  They calcify our bones to keep them from being brittle.  They help prevent heart disease & also help digest our food.  Saturated fats make up about 50% of all our cell membranes!  We need them!  Before the industrialization period most of the fats consumes were unprocessed and natural.  Real butter, lard, olive oil & coconut oil are a few examples that come to mind.  These are saturated fats.  Unhealthy weight gain was a rare occurrence, along with many well known diseases we have today.  People ate food in the closest form to how it was created as possible.  They processed it in their own kitchens. They stored in in a root cellar & fermented it.  Now I didn’t run out and buy a farm or anything like that, but I might have if I could have!

The next thing I learnt about was hydrogenation. This is a process that takes a polyunsaturated fat that would normally be liquid at room temperature, and turns it into a solid at that same temperature.  The process starts with an oil, like Canola Oil, and mixes it with a metal, like Nickel Oxide.  Then they expose this mixture to hydrogen gas in a high pressure-high temp environment.  Emulsifiers and starches are added to give this mixture a smoother texture.  Now they heat it again to clean it.  This is to remove the stink, because it is now rancid.  Yuck!  It is also now grey in color-ewww.  So, they bleach it!  Then they add dyes and flavoring, so we can stand to eat it, or even be in the same room with it .  After that they  try to sell it to us as a healthy substitute for butter.  I have personally made butter in my own kitchen, and let me tell you , butter is the better choice .  Butter is simply made from the cream skimmed off the top of fresh milk, placed into a mixer to churn.  It then coagulates into a solid with a watery milk left over, buttermilk.  You add salt if you want to …that’s butter. No heat…no dyes…no bleach…no added anything!  The flavor cannot be imitated.  You can buy it from the store.  IT is that simple.  Try the cultured butter…you will love it.  It has added enzymes!  They are so good for your health…(more on those later)

I hope I did not overwhelm you, I know it’s a lot of info for one post .  These are some of the basic steps my family have taken towards better health…and they work for us!  I’m not a doctor, I’m just like you, sharing my experiences on this CRAZY CURVY  JOURNEY!  I hope you will join me, and find better  health for  your family too<3

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Up…Up…Eat & Melt Away!!!!

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The picture on the left is after my first trip up “Colossus”, the huge hill on our dirt road.  Nothin’ but sky behind me!  I barely made it.  I had to stop and take so many breaks on my way up it was insane.  When I finally reached the top I got down on my hands and knees and actually kissed the pavement…ick!  Then…Rocky Dance!!!  LOL.  Crazy, right!   I became the incredible melting woman:) Here’s a few pictures of the good food I ate to get there…

2013-05-29 22.55.58

My amazing homemade bread!

2013-05-30 07.33.41

Pancakes with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries!

2013-07-02 17.39.15

Egg and Roast Beef on Toast…with CHEESE!

2013-07-09 14.38.50

Fully Loaded Turkey Sandwich on my Homemade Buns!

2013-05-30 00.00.17

Real Butter!!!

This is me now…two years after that first trip up the hill.  I can’t wait to see what happens this year! Like my Blog, Facebook Page, & Twitter Account to learn more and come with me on my


I Will Not “DIET” Ever Again!!!!

I shrink

I walked from the mail box to the house many  times before I took those first steps to venture out farther into the world.  The next steps I took led me to the neighbors mailbox, then 1.5 miles from the house!  The first time I climbed the huge hill at the end of my gravel road I though I was going to die!!!  I had to stop multiple times to rest.  I think it took about two hours for my first 3 mile trip.  Now that would be ridiculous you might say, but you haven’t seen that hill!  But that wasn’t all I was doing different.  I started studying about enzymes.  I grew a garden.  I decided not to go on a “diet”.  I decided to change my life.  I knew whatever I did it had to be something I could maintain.  So, I prayed.  That may sound crazy to some, but for me it helped a lot.  I also fasted.  I remember my prayer when I was really struggling, “God, I love you more than this.”  Then it grew to “I love my family more than this.”  After some time it became “I love me more than this!”  Those three sentenced pushed me through some tough situations.  With my super supportive husbands help, we learnt together how to make our family healthy.  Jason lost a lot of weight too!  Here are his before and after pics!

IMG_1774I want to tell you all about how we are doing it, and take you with me on my Crazy Curvy Journey!

Hello World!


I didn’t plan on being “plus sized”. My life didn’t start this way, but somehow I find myself here.  I grew up in a small town. I rode my bike after school, played softball, basketball, volleyball, track, swim team, and went horseback riding. My  French class picked me to compete in the Miss Merry Christmas pageant. Other than partying a little too much, my life was on track.  In the blink of an eye, a split second, all that changed.  My life changed, seemingly never to be the same again.  My softball team was supposed to play in a town about an hour from my house.  My mom begged me not to go.  (Mother’s intuition I guess.)  The game never started.  Canceled on account of rain.  So my friend and I loaded up in the car and headed back home.  We were hit by a drunk driver.  I do not remember the accident, but I do remember the pain.  In fact my memory after the accident was not all that great for a while.  I would forget what class to go to.  I didn’t recognize people I knew.  After re-evaluating my life I decided I needed a change.  I asked my parents to let me attend a small private school where I could try to figure things out.  The doctor said I needed surgery on my knees.  The dash of the car had caved in on both my them.  I went ahead with the surgery on my left knee, but opted not to have the surgery on my right one.  Despite the efforts of rehabilitation I was having a difficult time recovering.  My activity levels changed, but my eating habits did not.  I was still on crutches when I went on my first official date with my wonderful husband Jason. We were married in March of 1999. In a little over a year I gained a hundred pounds.  I didn’t even realize it had happened.  It was like I just woke up one day and was fat.  The extra weight on my knees did not help with the problem.  This is my story.  This is my life.  There have been ups and downs.  Struggles and triumphs.  I want to take you with me on this trip to find healthy.  Let’s go together! So buckle up and hang on, cause its a crazy ride!  Welcome to my Crazy Curvy Journey! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crazy-Curvy-Journey/576013275868661